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Photo shoots in Sicily

Are you looking for a nice place in Sicily to set one or more photo shoots?

Masseria Acque di Palermo is the perfect spot to convey sensations through environments full of history, emotions, simplicity and refinement.

“In 2002 Vanity Fair chose Masseria Acque di Palermo as location of one of their photo shoot in Sicily. This two-days event required hard work and promptness in satisfying the staff’s requests: we made our outside and some of our inside spaces available to them. A thrilling experience! ”


Emanuela Morello, Owner of Masseria

Choosing the location for a photo shoot, including an external set, is no easy matter. A simple evaluation mistake could compromise the success of the event.

For this reason we always try to fully understand the needs of our guests, and with them we like to discuss the eligibility of Masseria for their project.

Our structure, provided with a wonderful courtyard and a modern outdoors swimming pool, is the perfect set for:

✔ Video shoots
✔ Advertisement photo shoots
✔ Wedding photo shoots
✔ Advertising campaigns
✔ Television productions
✔ Filmings (movies and TV dramas)

Call us at 336 696155 for any information

We offer site inspection of Masseria.