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The Didactic Farm of  Masseria Acque di Palermo offers five formative laboratories. Kids, boys and girls will be able to experience sensations that are considered out of the ordinary in the modern city life. Every activity evolves around the contact with nature.

Food production activities

    • From the olive to the extra virgin oil  > focus on the so-called green gold, through songs, “cunti” (sgort stories) and tastings.
    • How bread is produced, and the preparation of sweet and savory “paste” (sweets).

Environment awareness activities

    • Guided tour to the museum of farming tools
    • Jaunts for the discovery of the territory
    • Games to discover our connection to nature
    • Didactic herbarium

Sensorial experimentations activities

The boys will be involved in group games, in which they will learn to recognize sounds and scents offered by nature.

Study activities through practice

Between the earth and the sky >thrilling astronomical and agronomic activity to discover the role of the human being in the world, including the sky!


An activity to learn, extract and use natural colors. Kids will be involved in practical games.


The importance of the youngest

Masseria Acque di Palermo for some years has been experimenting ludic and didactic activities with students from different tiers of schools, becoming a tool and place of emotional experimantation and sensorial awareness.

We are part of and cooperate with Rete delle Fattorie Sociali, organizing projects for disadvantaged users.


Responsible ecology

The cooperation of two highly specialized persons and their skills are a quality assurance for the didactic experiences our company has to offer.

Emanuela Morello – agronomist – reveals her knowledge of our products and their origin, gives informations about field-work management, develops didactic forms about flora and fauna of our territory.
The pedagogue – Valentina Morello – is the expression of the educational method which involves both scholastic and extracurricular learning, the best way for kids to learn.

Valentina and Emanuela Morello

Are you a teacher? We wait for you and your students to spend a day dedicated to nature with us.

Contact us at 336 696155 and ask for more informations.