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Acque di Palermo is a 1947 farm built by Baron Giovanni Riso to serve as summer residence for his family. Today Emanuela Morello, granddaughter of the Baron, leads the farmhouse and the agricultural company. Situated in the land near Landro river, it has preserved its original and fascinating architectural structure, with a watering place in the center of the courtyard.

“Bagghiu”, stables and “macaseni”

Masseria develops around a large stone courtyard. It has been preserved in its harmonious geometry to our days, and it is the typical expression of the old idea of the Sicilian feudal manor, with the “bagghiu” (courtyard) in its center.

Stables and “macaseni” (warehouses for food) are near the courtyard and today they can be used for meetings, weddings, photoshoots or other events.

A galaxy of stars

In the evening, energy and quietness seem to concentrate in the courtyard, which turns into a fascinating stone ring facing a particularly starry sky.
Roccapalumba is called “city of stars” not by chance, and it has recently been dedicated an asteroid, the “5022 Roccapalumba”.

The Astronomical Observatory and the Planetarium, not far from Masseria, are the pride of a territory that has attracted many scientists from all around the world – among these Margherita Hack.

From the Sicilian countryside to the main sites of interest

The main Sicilian turistic resorts and cultural sites (Cefalù, Corleone, Eraclea Minoa, WWF nature reserve Torre Salsa, Agrigento) are easily reachable from our structure, and offer a very differentiated holiday.

The simple and nice hospitality of the owner will make your stay pleasant, relaxing and very Sicilian…

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Fun fact

The land Acque di Palermo is named after an event that happened in Roccapalumba long ago, when the Avellone family lived there.
A member of this family had an unbelievable passion for the water originating from a spring in Palermo. For this reason one of his stewards was often forced to undertake strenuous travels to the distant spring. However, after many wanderings, the steward started to fill the water flasks in a nearby spring, on the territory of Roccapalumba.
His master never realized it was different, and thanks to this event the land was called Acque di Palermo (“Waters of Palermo”).