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Visite guidate

The Didactic Farm proposes guided tours to discover the territory of Roccapalumba.

    • Visit to the astronomical observatory of Roccapalumba C.E.S.A.R., where it is possible to observe the sun during daytime and follow very interesting activities
    • Guided tour to the Planetarium “F. Nicosia”. The boys will be able to look at the projection of the sky on a big dome, and learn the movements of the planets in the Solar System.
    • Visit to the water mill Fiaccati: built in 1887 by Avellone family from Roccapalumba, it has been restored for educational purposes.
    • Guided tour of Gurfa Caves, near Alia. Even if they are called caves, they are a series of environments dug into the rocky formations. Their origins or purposes are unknown and only hypothetical.