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Extra virgin olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil we produce is extracted mechanically from olives of Biancolilla or Nocellara del Belice qualities, free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The oil is available in:

✔ 3 and 5 liters demijohns
✔ 200 ml and 500 ml bottles

Biancolilla extra virgin olive oil

Our Biancolilla extra virgin olive oil has a fruity delicate flavor. We suggest to use it to season fish or paté, but also as a substitute of butter or oil for the preparation of desserts.

Biancolilla olives are typical of Agrigento and Palermo, even if it is possible to find them in all Sicily, with the exception of Messina. It is possible to recognize them from their oval shape and green color, white in their vesting period.

Nocellara del Belice extra virgin olive oil

The Nocellara del Belice extra virgin olive oil has a very delicate fruity flavor and an aftertaste of almonds, with spicy and sour sensations. Ideal for frying, you will be able to utilize it many times after its first use.

Nocellara del Belice olives – also said Oliva di Castelvetrano – have a roundish shake and an intense green color.


The fruit of ancient trees

The olive grove of Azienda Agricola Acque di Palermo is centenary.
Pruning is not invasive, so that vegetation and size of the trees are balanced.

Collected and pressed as in the old days

Olives are handpicked and transferred to the oil mill. Milling is performed at low temperature and within 24 hours, to ensure the high quality of our extra virgin olive oil.