Farm-To-table products

Products made and packed in Sicily, Certified Company KM0

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Farm-To-table products

Masseria Acque di Palermo is well-known and valued in Italy for its farm-to-table products by an act of Regione Siciliana.

Fully Italian spinneret

Our products are cultivated, made and packed in Sicily, in a 100% made in Italy spinneret.
We supply both privates and commercial activities all around Italy.


leading products

Call us at 336 696155 for more informations or to order our products.


Products with unchanged natural qualities

We cultivate our land and direct our production respecting nature and protecting the ecosystem. Our products preserve their own natural qualities because they are free from toxic materials.

✔ Wheat is free of mycotoxins.
✔ There are no traces of pesticides in legumes.
✔ Olives are cultivated without plant protection or herbicide.
✔ Almond trees are on a rocky terrain and their growth is spontaneous.