Didactic farm

Activities, laboratories, animals & guided tours

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Recognized by Sicily Region

Masseria Acque di Palermo is a recognized farm with number 30 from the Sicily Region.

The farm, led by Emanuela Morello, an agronomist, and Valentina, an educator, collaborates with educational and playgrounds to ensure that children and adults experience exciting emotions in contact with nature.


Activities, laboratories, animals & guided tours

Emanuela and Valentina Morello – agronomist and educator – welcome their little guests with games, labs and visits. Kids, boys and girls will establish a connection with animals and will be thaught how to recognize and value the colors and scents of nature.

It is possible to tickle kids’ perception of reality through ludic, expressive and creative activities; in this way, this perception will not be indirect, but also connected to a “perceived testimony”.

Different functions, such as manipulation, manufacture, observation and experimentation, become essential for the kids to build their own process of perceiving and understanding reality.

Choose the most popular activities for your kids


School groups and visiting boys and girls are involved in many fun and formative activities.



The Didactic Farm of Masseria Acque di Palermo offers five formative laboratories.


Our animals

The Didactic Farm is enhanced by different kind of animals, which the boys will be able to come in contact with.


Guided tours

The Didactic Farm proposes guided tours to discover the territory of Roccapalumba.


The enthusiasm of those who have been with us

“It is an unforgettable experience. Kids, after visiting the Didactic Farm, feel more conscious ad aware of the real value of Nature”

Carla, a teacher from Palermo